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Variable Magazine

I spent 4 months working a dream job, creating movie posters. 

Close to the end of my time in design school, I had the life-changing opportunity to go to Los Angeles for a number of months and intern at BLT Communications. There I was, swept into the world of key art and movie advertisement, something I had been wanting to do my entire life. It was very fast aced, very hard, but extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

During my time at BLT Communcations I worked with a talented group of artists and designers to create visuals for movie advertisement. This work included but was not limited to, advertising campaigns, brand strategy, title branding, photo manipulation, lighting, retouching, and illustration. Some of the clients included Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and Universal. 

The projects were handed around to a number of designers. My role was primarily to assist these other designers and work under the creative director. I will go into detail about my contributions to each of these pieces. 

Pirates of the Caribbean


The primary logo and poster design was developed by me and my creative director. This was the piece that I was able to “own” the most and is primarily my own work. We went through many iterations of skull designs. We started off on just a piece of paper with the generic, smooth skull printed on it and drew over it with pen until we liked some designs. From there it was straight into photoshops wizardy to bring these to life. We received skull renders from the 3D department and used textures and photograpahy straight from the movie set to develop the photorealistic rendering.

Star Wars The Force Awakens


BLT designed 2 cover spreads for Empire magazine ahead of the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens. I assisted another designer in some retouching, photo sourcing, and placing of elements across these two covers. 

Captain Americ Civil War

Concepting/Initial Designs

I was working at BLT for the initial period of the Captian America Civil War design period. This went from just ideas about poster designs up to starting to comp out posters with photogrpahy from the set. I worked with the whole team on a large number of rapid fire poster concepts. My creative director relied on me for some initial ideas because I was reading (and currently still read) Marvel comics in depth. I was not around to see the final designs get completed, but these finals resembled some of the comps we worked on initially.

Jungle Book Billboards


Myself and another intern came up with initial concepts for Jungle Book billboards that would be featured around Hollywood. We worked with photography resources, and 3d animation renderings to develop layouts that broke past the billboard space.

The Hunstman


I helped an art director with some concepts for the Huntsman character posters, then additionally on the final posters. I retouched and photo sourced for character photography that is featured. 

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