Medtronic NextGen CMS


Medtronic sets up their patients with at-home, digital monitoring equipment so they can provide care to chronic conditions from afar. The professional facing side of this experience was being held back by a dated digital platform, so Medtronic came to Idean to redesign this part of their business. This redesign would improve the experience clinicians and administrators engage in to complete various tasks within their clinical workflow, monitor patient's vitals, and engage with the various monitoring devices.

Our objective was to enable Clinicians and Administrators to provide better care for their patients through the Omnivisor Pro application. Our solution would enhance workflows, and increase flexibility for the users.

To achieve this goal, we grounded our designs with insights from user interviews and observations along with collaborative working sessions with the client team. The re-envisioning of the health monitoring experience represents a truly human-centric, ground-up approach. 

    • Smooth handoff to Medtronic dev team for production and adoption of the application
    • Reduce the number of UI complaint tickets
    • A more modular design framework so the Medtronic team can make make quicker and more effective updates to the system
    • Creation of a flexible design library that is easily leveraged by other Medtronic products to create efficiency
    • Eventual selling of this product as a service for other hospital networks


The application had two primary user types with distinct needs and requirements.

User 1 - Administrators
Administrators have a to-do list a mile long with lots of smaller tasks. They need to keep track of all of this plus assist patients when necessary.

Task Oriented Thinkers
They are strongly attached to their task lists and use it as a guide for how they approach their days.

User 2 - Clinicians
Clinicians come from various nursing and medical backgrounds and have a deep understanding of patient care.

Creative Thinkers
They like having all the data and information related to their patients at their fingertips so they can use their clinical judgement to choose the best course of action.


Our team conducted extensive research throughout the project including user interviews, live observations and collaborative workshops with the client.

We took time to review a multitude of design guidelines, competitor landscape, and current experiences. With this, we did a visual and experience audit which we presented back to the Medtronic team. This was a great way to identify the types of experiences we would be incorporating into the new designs.

To kick off the design phase began by developing low fidelity wireframes and prototypes. We identified and focused our design efforts on five core areas of the experience. We tested these with users and moved on to create more sophisticated visual directions.

Once the foundation of the experience had been established, we moved on to setting visual design direction. We explored various visual approaches with influence and inspiration from the Medtronic brand.

Along with establishing the visual direction of the application, we continued to evolve and define the experience. Through this entire process we tested and validated our designs with users.

Another component of this project was to establish Medtronic's design system. Our team was able to give guidance regarding UX/UI pattern standardization, develop a visual library of upwards of 150+ components, and provide documentation to the development team.


Over the course of three design phases across spanning over 6 months, we were able to provide the Medtronic team with a whole new experience for Omnivisor Pro. Our overall impact and collaboration with the client was very positive, turning what was originally internal redesign into a potential new revenue source for Medtronic. We were able to hand off a robust and modular system that will improve future engagements with the client.

Zack Causey - Visual/UX Designer

James Lewis - Interaction Designer
Alex Jernigan - Lead Designer
Jasmine Busch - Senior Product Manager
Matthew Robinson - Head of Studio